Posters - Designed in Iraq.
Is a collection of outstanding posters created by remarkable designers in the Iraqi creative community to concentrate on a specific place and tell its story.
Each poster narrates the story behind a place whether it was a well-known landmark or a street in Iraq, and lightening a chosen aspect whether it was the place's glorious past or elusive future, creating one solid piece for beholders to admire and feel right through.
The Unknown Soldier Monument - Baghdad
Nisour Square - Baghdad
Bab Sharqi Water Tank / Tower - Baghdad
Martyr Monument - Baghdad
Great Mosque of Samarra - Samarra
Al Rasheed Street - Baghdad
Mutanabbi Street - Baghdad
The Turkish Restaurant  - Baghdad
Church of Sydat Al Nejat Syriac Catholic - Baghdad
Mesopotamian Marshes - Basra
Save Iraqi Culture Monument - Baghdad
Statue of Al-Mutanabbi - Baghdad
Freedom Monument - Baghdad
Al-Zawraa Park - Baghdad